Filmmaker John McDonald will be presenting video clips from his work-in-progress documentary entitled “MULE: Living on the Outside.”  The film is about John Sears, aka Mule, who has been roaming the western United States with his mules for over thirty years. The 67-year-old and his animals sleep outside, insisting on their right to move freely.  Bemoaning the loss of open space, the ever-increasing urban sprawl and our dependence on the automobile, Mule advocates a simpler way of life in harmony with nature.  While many appreciate his nomadic lifestyle, Mule is not welcomed everywhere.

Confrontations with law enforcement have resulted in fines, arrests, even institutionalization.   The documentary takes an intimate look at Mule’s unique experience and his urgent message for contemporary American society.  Mr. McDonald asks that you please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help get the film completed.  The documentary’s website is 

and you can DONATE HERE