Melissa Austin, Founder

I have always had a deep connection to animals and the natural world. For as long as I could remember I have always been surrounded by animals some furry others not so much. Frogs, hawks, wild turkeys, turkey vultures, blue jays, owls, dogs, cats, rats, horses, wild boar, snakes and lizards. My early experiences with animals were often disregarded as anything more.

As I got older, I found myself searching for something more call it clarity or explanation. I started a self exploration listening to my soul, my intuition I found it hard to articulate what was happening. I learned I didn’t need to explain anything to myself, however; I needed to explain what was happening to other people and at the same time try to educate both animals and humans on the non-verbal language being spoken through our energy and body language. I began my quest anew with Horses Healing Hearts (Rescue, Rehabilitation, & Education).

Three years ago I met a life coach.  We started working together because I was interested in self development. I had been researching the art of somatics and intention.  She had asked me if I would like to experience what my energy and body language had to say as she interpreted the horses she used in her coaching sessions. My experience inspired my to set out on a new road. I would start a rescue for horses where people could come and learn for themselves what the natural world was saying about them while the people could help the horses and the horses could the people. Which is how we came to the name Horses Healing Hearts or 3H Rescue, Rehabilitation and Education.

“The next leadership frontier is of a spiritual nature. Our success is no longer defined by our accumulation of material goods, but by being in service to a worthy cause.”

“We envision the possibility that human beings embark on a journey of re-awakening, remembering their interconnected nature, and re-establishing the importance of intuitive, sensate perspectives. Being in harmony with nature revives the spirit, releases spent emotions, and guides us towards right action in balance with the greater good. By re-connecting people to land and nature, we rediscover what has heart and meaning, forgive what has been broken, find hope in times of uncertainty, and walk a path of integrity and grace.”  –  Ariana Strozzi

Lynn Hummer, Secretary

Founder of Pregnant Mare Rescue

“We have been chosen to preserve the land, honor community, & sanctuary the horses needing forever protection. We are creating programs for children to come and heal.  Now more than ever, as a people we are yearning to get back to that which is authentic, that which calls to our souls. The time for healing, loving and giving has arrived. We embrace this dream with open arms.” Lynn Hummer -Founder, The Pregnant Mare Rescue

Christina Tabuchi

After years of riding and teaching lessons Christina has seen first hand the power horses have to help people. She is very excited to now be part of 3H and assist in educating the community on the unique ability horses have to show people how to be quiet, present and in the moment so they are able to get in touch with themselves on a deeper level.


Peter Landini, MBA, CFP, Treasurer

Peter began his Alamo Financial Planning practice in 2002 after a 20-year career at Fremont Group of San Francisco, where he managed $5 billion in assets for retirement plans and for the Fremont Mutual Funds. Pete earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification in 1989, and is a member of the Financial Planning Association. A Bay Area native, he received a B.S.C. in Accounting from Santa Clara University and an M.B.A. in Finance from Golden Gate University in San Francisco. He has discussed investment strategies on CNN, CNNfn, Bloomberg News, and Business Week Online, and has been quoted in many financial publications. Pete and his family have been residents of Alamo since 1987.

Jim Williams


Holly Singleton

Michele Ulrech

Brenda Baere

Erin Fowle

Russ Sanders, Farrier


Dr. Carrie Pierce, DVM

Dr. Danielle Bergen

Dr. Chuck Strickland

Dr. Wally Palmer, DVM, Chriopractor

Richard Jack, Equine Dentist