Why Horses? EGE

Horses give us the opportunity to learn, grow and expand our awareness. Interaction and communication with horses tap into the many layers of the human psyche and promote self exploration.

Horses read the truths of our souls through our energetic presence and mirror back our true selves. They react to what they see and feel every moment, giving us valuable feedback about our body language and energy. This feedback allows us to enhance our emotional intelligence and process important life lessons.

With the help of horses, you can become more focused on your vision and values in life, accelerating your personal growth and propelling your life forward. By listening and understanding the messages from horses, you will open to a new level of conscious living, providing a solid foundation upon which to build stronger presence in daily life and all that you undertake.

I wanted to share with you all an explanation of what Horses Healing Hearts (Rescue, Rehabilitation & Education) was about in the form of answering the education part. What is EGE & the purpose behind an Equine Guided Educator.  I hope it provides some clarity on our mission. An important note; EGE is not therapeutic riding and all EGE programs take place while unmounted in a safe environment with horses and humans both on the ground. Riding skills and/or horse experience not necessary.  


The Equine Guided Educator creates an experiential, supportive learning environment for participants to learn about themselves, heal what has been broken, and re-connect to what has heart and meaning through interactive experiences with horses. He/she allows the horse to ‘guide’ the process of learning, reflecting and exploration. He/she combines the process of kinesthetic learning and cognitive reflection in relation to the student’s/client’s mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and social well being.

Through the process of evaluating an individual’s current patterns of behavior, perceptions, and performance, the Equine Guided Educator encourages the student/client towards a healthy self-image and supports the exploration of new practices for achieving personal and/or professional goals.

The Equine Guided Educator guides his/her students/clients through a learning process that is centered on their ambitions and goals for the future. He/she assists his/her students/clients in refining their gifts and creating environments in which they can thrive. He/she facilitates the student’s/client’s growth and learning through experiential exercises with horses. The horse, in this process, literally ‘guides’ the student/client and the Educator by revealing inner states of mind and physical energetic states of presence. The noun “guide” means “someone who can find paths through unexplored territory.” The Equine Guided Educator as ‘Educator’ cultivates the integration of mind/body/spirit through experiential learning practices.

The combination of the Educator and the Equine Guide offers unique, impactful, experiential exercises geared towards developing people’s self knowledge and self-responsibility.

Some common learning schemas include:

  • Identifying and developing the student/client ambitions and aspirations
  • Developing the ability to stay focused on goals
  • Enhancing communication and negotiation skills
  • Encouraging self confidence and self-esteem
  • Assisting the process of developing trust with the oneself and others
  • Learning how to listen to and respect one’s intuition and sixth sense
  • Building effective relationship and interactive practices
  • Uncovering old stories and behaviors that are no longer effective
  • Developing new stories and behaviors relevant to goals and objectives

The Equine Guided Educator understands how to allow the horse to reflect each student’s/client’s unique strategies and presentations in such a way that the student/client can receive this often intense feedback in a supportive process. Leveraging the process of ‘learning by doing’ (experiential) integrated with the horse’s natural wisdom and healing presence assists the Educator in encouraging the student/client to accept responsibility for their own learning and behavior.

The word “Experience” is defined as the state or extent of being engaged in a particular study or work; developing knowledge, skill or technique resulting from experience; the sum total of the conscious events which compose an individual life as observed facts and events in contrast with what is supplied by thought. Effective learning occurs when the student/client engages in some activity, reflects upon the activity, derives useful insight from the analysis, and incorporates the result through a change in understanding and/or behavior. As Lao Tzu once quoted, “You cannot learn from a good book, because a book will not tell you what you do not want to hear.”

Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi ‘s EGE is a teaching method that features the use of a horse as a guide and  nature as a witness to assist subjects (men, women, and children) in learning about, and revealing, their full potential.  Ariana founded SkyHorse Ranch, California, and pioneered the field of Equine Guided Education (EGE).  She offers her 20+ years of experience in certification programs for educators, coaches, equestrians, teachers, college students, artists, therapists, shamans, healers, riding instructors, and other individuals who are or who want to incorporate horses into their professional offers.


Christina Tabucchi, EGE Specialist

After years of riding and teaching lessons Christina has seen first hand the power horses have to help people. She is very excited to now be part of 3H and assist in educating the community on the unique ability horses have to show people people how to be quiet, present and in the moment so they are able to get in touch with themselves on a deeper level.