Rescued November 27, 2014 this horse was know as “cream stallion #33” of Center Street Gilroy, CA

Rescued by Horses Healing Hearts he quickly earned the name Grady as in grateful.

Grady is a gelding between 4 1/2 – 5 he is a grade quarter horse. Grady is current with shots, recently had his teeth floated and is, an all round quiet minded horse in training.

“He is going to make a nice horse.” Michele Ulrech

Grady’s care in 3 months has cost over $4000 in rehabilitation and veterinary bills. Including a complication due to his castration.

Grady Before

Grady was one of 38 horses rescued from this seizure in Gilroy in November. The seizure was an abuse/cruelty case that had been going on for 4 years. This case will hopefully be the case that changes how quickly animal control and law enforcement can respond to equine related cruelty cases.
At Horses Healing Hearts we track all horses for life and microchip each of them. As a non profit public charity we are an all volunteer organization. We are in constant need of funding and support.
We hope you can donate towards Grady’s care today and help us continue to save the lives of our beloved equines who look to us to be their voice.
Horses Healing Hearts has helped over 67 horses to date in equine assistance, adoptions, last act of kindness, placement assistance and & fostering. We offer a community service.