Horse Slaughter

Did you know?

*The U.S. has approximately 10 million horses, and historically only 1% end up going to slaughter annually.
*The average age of a slaughter horse is 4 to 6 years old.
*Not old or sick, 92.3% are in good to excellent condition with no behavioral problems according to a USDA study.
*Only 4% of a horses slaughtered are over 9 years old.
*In a poll by the prestigious Lake Research Partners, 80% of Americans say no to horse slaughter.

Horse slaughter fact sheet – (pdf link)
Fact Sheet provided by Texas Humane Legislation Network

Congressman Jim Moran Calls on USDA to Deny Horse Slaughter Facility Permits

Mayor Paula Bacon Letter regarding horse slaughter and the affects on her community

Project Vote Smart – Find who represents you on a federal and state level and how they voted on issues

*Federal Legislation
March 14, 2013 – The Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE Act)
S. 541
H.R. 1094
March 13th, Press Conference regarding the SAFE act, in Washington, DC
Contact your congressional members via the ASPCA

*State Legislation
New Mexico Rep. Paul Bandy introduces on 01/16/13, HB 90 – Horse slaughter facility study (bill text)(link)
New Mexico Rep. Paul Bandy introduces on 01/16/13, HJM 16 – Study Feasibility of horse slaughter (bill text)(bill link)
HJM 16 is dead. How NM congressional members voted.

Oklahoma Senator Allen, introduces on 01/15/13, SB 375 to repeal state horse slaughter ban. (bill text)(link)
Oklahoma Rep. Skye McNiel, introduces on 02/04/13, HB 1999 regarding Meat inspection; modifying horsemeat regulation; effective date
HB 1999 (bill text)(link)
Petition on opposing Oklahoma SB 375 and HB 1999. If passed, these bill will make horse slaughter legal in the state.
02/19/2013 – OK Action Alert from HSUS
03/04/2013 – OK Press Conference and Rally
Live Audio Feed for Conference
Veteran Radio Personality Pam McKissick “Without Reserve” – Horse Slaughter

The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act, 2011-2012 (Senate verions introduced 06/092011)
(2011-2012 Legislation (left up for reference)S 1176 Co-Sponsors
The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act of 2011 (House version introduced 09/19/2011)
H.R. 2966 Co-Sponsors

The Impact of Horse Slaughter Plants on Communities – A documented History
Power point by Equine Welfare Alliance – ppt version  pptx version

Humane Society of the United States – The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act Video

US Horse Slaughter Stats 1989 – 2012 – Thank you Darrell!!!

Freedom of Information Act records- Humane Slaughter Violations and Horses Slaughtered by Breed Type

Samples of slaughter horse paperwork without signed affidavits– Documents obtained via USDA Freedom of Information Act.

Violations to the Commercial Transportation of Equines for Slaughter Act (9 CFR PART 88 ) *warning pictures on the linked “violations” web page are graphic*


Pictures taken Oct. 27, 2011, at 4:51am at a service plaza in Oklahoma on I-44 West. Witness heard loud banging coming from inside the trailer and saw the trailer rocking hard back and forth. During this time, the driver was poking what appeared to be an electric cattle prod inside the trailer. The witness believes the driver was trying to get up a downed horse.

Horse Slaughter Industry Influences Diagram
Horse slaughterhouses Diagram

New European Union Regulations for Horses Sent to Slaughter
(These regulations require that horses going to slaughter are free from ever receiving bute and free of other drugs for 180 days before being sent to slaughter)

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