2663282_1416933530.705_appHow can you pick just 1 to rescue? All their eyes gazing on you for help. This was Wednesday November 19. Horses Healing Hearts drove to Gilroy to meet the remaining horses who were seized from Morgan Hill and Gilroy. Over 38 horses and thanks to other rescues and shelters some horses have been saved but some have also died. This story has received wide media coverage and a communities support for these innocent horses. Our goal with this campaign is to raise money for our latest golden boy. He was called Pal because of his color. He was the last remaining intact colt running with mares. He needs a lot of handling, he needs to be gelded, he needs his teeth tended too, he needs an overall exam, he will eventually need training to get adopted into a forever home. We are trying to raise $2500 or more. Please help Horses Healing Hearts with your tax deductible donation. We are a 501(c)3 organization saving horses lives.