On left

Is a 25 year old Swedish Warmblood Mare and has moved to a sanctuary. With other retired horses living in the pastures off the coast.

Her story:
IllusionIllusion was trained as a three year old to do Dressage till she was seven. At seven she was bought and brought from southern California to Santa Cruz where she continued her training (natural horsemanship) and on trail. When Illusion was 12 she was purchased again in Santa Cruz, and kept up on the natural horsemanship style of training.  She has competed in three-day eventing, H/J shows and to some Dressage.  She is great!  Now, at 25, she is still looking great and has some mild arthritis – but with a proper warm-up she is good to go. She is pretty vibrant and not suitable for young children. Feeding her cubes, 8lbs at every feeding soaked in water, instead of hay. Owner needed to re-home her due to financial issues.