Volunteer positions at 3H

What is a volunteer? A volunteer is a person who does some act without being under any obligation to do so and without being promised any compensation or remuneration for his or her services. Horses Healing Hearts also known as 3H is a 100% volunteer-based organization, and volunteer support is responsible and necessary for its success. We could not exist as we do without the timeless giving and tremendous efforts of our equine loving friends.

We have a multitude of needs, and we can likely find something for everyone: horse care and feeding; transportation; facility maintenance; fundraising, grant research and writing; administration/organization, outreach; events; special projects; etc.

Volunteers who wish to work directly with horses are required to complete Horses Healing Hearts Horsemanship 1A Orientation/Basic Safety training, which introduces the volunteer to 3H’s basic handling and safety practices to ensure volunteers are handling 3H’s horses utilizing 3H’s handling style, as well as employing basic safe handling practices. The cost for the orientation/training is $35.

This fee helps defray our insurance costs as well as nominal administrative/organizational overhead costs associated with the rescue (e.g. website/internet costs, printing/paper, postage, etc.). Without insurance, we could not offer our volunteer opportunities (or implement new programs), and without volunteers, we could not do what we do. However, 3H does not want this to be a limiting factor. If the class fee is not financially feasible, we offer fundraising options or volunteer “scholarships” on a case-by-case basis.

For more about the various positions other than horse care that are available please contact us.

Email us at hhh@horseshealingheartsinc.org with any questions or to begin the volunteer application process.

We just added many new ways for volunteers to get involved with Horses Healing Hearts, Inc.

Come join the fun and help lend your heart to the cause.


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