It is time to purchase hay for the year. Here in California the grain hay crops are ripening and getting ready to bale, and it is the best time to purchase a large quanity. We would like to be able to purchase two full truck loads.

Last year a large percentage of the hay grown on the west coast was sold overseas, driving up the cost locally. The current price of a bale of hay at the feed store is $22.00 (about 120 lb bale, 3 strings). For several months now the only hay we have been able to find is this hay. We have had to purchase at these high prices just to keep the horses fed.

We are seeking donations right now to raise enough money to fill up the hay sheds. We are also looking for the best deal on hay available. Hopefully we will have the money to stock up when we find the hay.

If you can spare a few dollars it would be greatly appreciated.  You would be supporting two great organizations:  Horses Healing Hearts, Inc. and Pregnant Mare Rescue.

Please click the button on the top right of this page to make a DONATION with your credit card. Your help is much needed and much appreciated.

Horses Healing Hearts, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit. All donations are tax deductible. Our rescue efforts are primarily funded by individuals. We greatly appreciate your support in reaching our goal of finding homes for horses that would otherwise go to slaughter.

Melissa C. Austin
Horses Healing Hearts, Inc.
Danville, CA